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[Who we are?]

Founded in 1998, Shenzhen Honesty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.is a professional electronic marketing corporation entirely engaged in the fields of semi-conductors and electronic components sale and service for clients over 20 years, specialize in selling TITexas Instrument) production line,.....HONESTY has set up our own sales service conception and has already established strong partnerships with many famous manufacturers and we have more than 5,000,000 kinds of electronic components for your choices, HONESTY always at your services.


We manage millions of electronic components and products from more than 20 countries and 1000 trading partners through our company database every day; we are with the United States, Germany,Finland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The major factories and agents in mainland China and other places have close trade and inventory information sharing; we interact with international news organizations such as EE Times, Electronic Buyer's News and other world news agencies to control the most valuable market information; We also have: a global logistics network, providing accurate and rapid logistics services; ISO9001: 2000 certified quality management to ensure the delivery of "zero defect" goods; modern anti-static constant temperature and humidity storage environment to ensure the safe storage of goods , timely delivery according to customer requirements.

[Production Series]

Low consumption amplifier IC,Low Restlessness amplifier IC, High speed amplifier IC,Low consumption LDO IC,Low Restlessness LDO IC,High ripple LDO IC

[Application scenario]

Car Audio System,LED Light ,printer,high-fidelity(Hi-Fi) speaker ,tablet pc ,Digital set-top box ,Wireless charger,Mobile phone,Bluetooth,WIFI Products.Full series of Inductors




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